Our Mission - To break the stronghold of poverty in third-world countries by providing basic care, education and commerce for the helpless. Please join us in our Mission.

Our Mission Boards

Food and Clean Water

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Clean Water - Uganda, a country which is covered over 50% by water has very limited access to clean drinking water. Much of the rural population spends 5 to 6 hours a day waiting in line for clean water. Many travel for miles in search of safe water each day. The Mandate provides water wells placed strategically where the greatest positive impact can be had. We often use manual techniques in digging wells versus machine drilled wells in order to provide jobs to local villagers. In addition, these manual dug wells are longer lasting and produce higher volumes of water. The manually dug wells not only provide safe water, but create good paying jobs for approximately seven adults for weeks. Also, manually dug wells cost half of the amount of traditional drilled wells.

Food - Although Uganda has rich and fertile land, most of it is used to produce sugarcane which is not a nutritious food. Uganda land is being purchased at an alarming rate by foreign governments and sugar factories in order to maximize sugar production, leaving a void in traditional food crops which could be sold locally. The Mandate has purchased land for farming food crops as well as poultry. We also utilize the land to create tilapia fish farms which provide necessary nutrition, jobs and commerce.

Care For Orphans

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Eighty percent of the world’s orphans live in Africa. The Aids epidemic left this continent ravaged and flooded with children who have no home or guardian to look after them. Many die of starvation and disease or are left to be exploited. The Mandate has purchased land and has built orphanages to care for the needs of these children. Your support though sponsoring a child can change the life of a child forever. It is our goal, through the support of sponsors, to prepare these children for a successful and productive life. Support not only purchases food, but also provides shelter, medical needs, and education.


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Schools - In Uganda, public education does not exist. All basic education must be purchased. Secondary and higher education are out of reach for most. The Mandate is providing primary and secondary education for all orphans we sponsor, along with many children from neighboring villages.

Vocational Training -
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." -Maimonides

The Mandate trains young men and women practical vocational skills from steel fabrication to farming. Our goal is to create sustained momentum in communities we touch which will effect generations to come.


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The Mandate believes in order to create sustained generational progress and prosperity in a community, we must teach solid business principles to merchants which bring consistent healthy growth. Many supporters of The Mandate are successful business executives with years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, management and finance. We bring these experiences to benefit merchants which create jobs and opportunities.

Micro Financing - Often those in poverty simply need seed money to create an income or small business. Having an inventory which can be sold at a profit and turned 3 to 4 times can launch a small business which will sustain families and employees.