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Mandate Uganda Rabbit Farm

Mandate Uganda’s rabbit farm will provide meat for the families in the village of Busowobi, jobs for widows and others, fertilizer for the farmers, meat for restaurants in the Kampala (the capital of Uganda) and pelts for making shoes and other clothes.

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Heartbreak And Hopelessness

This week has been a great story week, Raelee has kept us and many readers of Facebook entertained. Today was no exception but with a sad reason. Raelee went outside. Usually we hear her playing, if there are other kids she is screaming constantly. If there’s no kids she is

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I forgot to mention in my Sunday School post that the second early morning Bible study had three new people come and only two from the previous week that didn’t come back. So in total there was 10 people for the study, which we think is awesome. At the first

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A New Well

We will be drilling another well in the village of Busowobi in the next few weeks.  The man that does the drilling of the well comes to survey the area and see where the best possible place is for a well to be dug. He searches for the place where there is

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