The Mandate helps children to get an education, feeds children, repairs widows homes, put small solar lighting kits in widows homes, builds desks for schools, raises rabbits for better nutrition for the people, preaches and teaches in a prison, helps provide teacher pay, drills wells for clean water, has a program to teach girls about their bodies and provide kits for them, teaches the Bible to adults and children every Sunday and so much more.

There are two schools in our small village.  One is the Bukaziba Primary School, a government school, in the town center and the other is the Global Kindergarten and Primary School, a private school, across the dirt road from Mandate.  The Mandate has helped both schools to put on new roofs on their buildings after a wind storm blew through the village.

The Mandate missionaries helped the Global School build a classroom for one of the older grades in 2017.  The government education board visited the Global School and told them if they would build three more rooms like the one Mandate had built for them by the end of 2017 that they would receive their government certification.  Being certified by the government is a very important step for schools in Uganda.

Mandate partnered with the Global School with funds and local workers to build three more classroom buildings by the end of the 2017.  We are proud to be able to help a school that is growing and providing a good education to children in the village.  The headmaster and teachers are well educated trained professionals doing a wonderful job of teaching the children.  The school allows the children in the village to go to school in their own community without having to go away to a boarding school which costs a lot of money.  It makes education accessible to more children within our community.  Our missionary and workers cut the boards and built the buildings.

In July 2018 Celebration Church from Shreveport, LA joined with Mandate to provide the funds and some of the manual labor to help Global School build a needed latrine building.  The Mandate workers enjoyed working alongside the Celebration Church group and teaching them how to lay the homemade bricks for a building in Uganda.

In the fall of 2019 we began a feeding program for the children who come to Global School.  We feed the children twice a week.  This helps the children to get better nutrition and to be able to focus in class on their studies.  Most of them do not have the means to eat lunch each day so this program is providing a great need for the children.  We would like to expand the program to more days but we need more funds for the rice, beans, oranges, posho that we feed them and to pay the cooks and dishwashers.  The program also provides jobs for those who cook and wash the lunch boxes.

The Mandate also partners with Our Village School on the other side of Iganga, as well as with the Global School across the road from us.  We recently partnered with Our Village school to build a boys latrine building.  We help these schools by building and repairing school rooms, building  latrines, and building school desks.  You can  continue to help the children in the schools to get a better education under better conditions by donating to The Mandate on a regular basis.

These programs and projects are some of the ways that Mandate is making a difference in the lives of underprivileged people in Uganda.  On our website you can read about the many ways we are reaching the people in Uganda for Christ.  If you would like to join us in making a difference in these people’s lives and sharing Christ in Uganda click on the donate button.  You can give through PayPal, by credit card or send a check.  Please put our missionaries on your prayer list and pray for them daily.

All donations go directly to supporting the mission of The Mandate Inc. ministries and are fully tax-deductible.

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