The Mandate provides clean water to those in need in the area of Busowobi, Uganda.  The wells we have drilled so far have provided clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing clothes for the people in Busowobi within an easy walking distance of their homes.

Uganda, a country which has very limited access to clean drinking water. Much of the rural population spends 5 to 6 hours a day traveling to and waiting in line for clean water. Many travel for miles in search of safe water each day. Men, women and children carry their water long distances in large 5 and 10 gallon plastic containers called Jerry cans.

The Mandate provides water wells in the area of Busowobi so the people will have clean drinking water and not have to travel great distances to get water.

The wells are placed strategically throughout this vast area where the greatest impact can be had. We hire local Ugandans to drill the wells which provides jobs as well as safe clean water. Each well cost around $5000 to drill. Your donation of $25, $50, $100 or more goes a long way to providing clean water for people who greatly need it and appreciate that you care enough to make their lives better.

Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.  (Proverbs 25:25)

These wells also open doors to being able to share the gospel with the people in the area.  Our goal is to dig 12 wells in the village of Busowobi and then move to a neighboring village to drill wells for them.  We have drilled 11 wells thus far in Busowobi and one in a neighboring village where there were no wells.  The water for the neighboring village had to be trucked in daily and the people had to pay for the water.  We willing be drilling another well in June, 2019 in a neighboring village making a total of 13 wells we have drilled thus far.

All donations go directly to supporting the mission of The Mandate Inc. ministries and are fully tax-deductible.



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