Every Monday morning The Mandate’s missionary has been going to the Iganga prison. There are usually around three hundred sixty men imprisoned there and about half attend the services. He has been able to distribute 120 Bibles and one audio Bible in the three different languages so far. The audio Bible is small, solar powered and has a speaker so it can be listened to in groups. They were really excited to receive the audio Bible and because there aren’t a lot of activities it will give many the opportunity to hear God’s Word spoken to them.

In the past year of going to the prison there has been hundreds of men that have given their lives to Christ and many that have re-dedicated their lives and repented for their sins.  Including 22 prisons the last week of June 2019 when a group of men from Shreveport Celebration Church came and shared their testimonies of how Christ has changed their lives.  Our missionary has been encouraged and excited to see these men make the decision to follow Christ.  It is very fulfilling to him to go and speak life to these men, but it is also very hard because there are so many needs and he is bombarded with requests every week.  Please pray for the prisoners to receive Christ but also for Christian as he ministers to them.

The Mandate’s prayer is to give every man a Bible who would like one. The cost of each is $15 and the audio Bibles are $30.  Once a month we spend around $30 to buy razor blades (for shaving their heads) and soap. Every couple of months we give notebooks and pens for the literacy program.  Your donations will help meet these needs.  There are also women in this prison, some of them have their children with them.  We have given 3 Maama kits to pregnant prisoners.  They are sometimes allowed to come to the services and are separated from the men by a fence.  Please pray for these women.

When Shreveport Celebration Church went to the prison to share the gospel the prison allowed women to go in and share with the 20 or so women who are also in prison there.  This opened the door for our missionaries wife and one of our Ugandan helpers to go each week  to share the gospel and disciple the women in prison there.

Mandate also gets many requests for medicines and vitamins which we cannot always help with.  We were able to help with medicines for a scurvy outbreak in the prison toward the end of 2018 which was greatly appreciated.

We are presently working with the prison officials to help provide supplies for a badly needed medical clinic in the prison.  Pray that more funds will be given so that Mandate can help with medical needs, Bibles, discipleship materials, notebooks, pens, soap, and more to meet the needs in this ministry.

All donations go directly to supporting the mission of The Mandate Inc. ministries and are fully tax-deductible.

*Because pictures are not allowed at the prison this picture is from The Monitor newspaper in Uganda.

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