Hope for Girls is a program that is in partnership with “Days for Girls International” to educate girls in Uganda about puberty, sexuality and menstruation.  Fabric for pads and carrying bags are purchased from “Days for Girls International”.

The number one reason girls in Uganda drop out of school is their monthly periods.  Together we can fight poverty in Uganda by helping girls stay in school.  Educated girls are more likely to become empowered women.  They are more likely to take control of their lives, have economic security, and raise fewer and healthier children who will in turn be more likely to be educated themselves.

Puberty, maturity, STD’s HIV, Aids, pregnancy, birth control, and sexual health are topics not often spoken about openly, leading to misinformation and confusion.  As a girl learns about how to live with menstruation she will feel strong and confident about herself.

An Awesome Opportunity to Witness to These Girls About the Love of Christ!  Each will receive a tract entitled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” with their kit.

No girl should miss out on an education because of their menstruation period.  Many girls in third-world countries are ridiculed and shamed when they are menstruating.  They have no way to buy feminine products and some skip so much school because of periods that they end up missing exams and dropping out.  Some resort to using leaves or old newspapers.  Some feel the only way to get the pads they need is to trade sex for pads or marry older men to get them.  Won’t you partner with The Mandate to make pretty, washable sanitary pads so that every girl can stay in school?  To these girls reusable sanitary pads would be a gold mine.  A chance to be free!

Your gift of $10.00 will provide…

  • 12 Pads & Liners for Each Girl with Instructions
  • Resealable Bags for Soiled Pads
  • Cute Bag to Carry It All In
  • Education About Their Changing Bodies
  • Employment for Seamstresses

A Better Quality of Life for Girls!

Contributions will also help to provide educational materials when giving out the Hope for Girls Kits, while training peer girls to mentor and give kits to schools.  Ten dollars goes a long way in making an impact on a girls life.

Give Today to Give Power to The Powerless!

All donations go directly to supporting the mission of The Mandate Inc. ministries and are fully tax-deductible.

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