The Mandate supports nineteen children and youth who are in real need due to home situations.  Some had struggles with food supplies, some had totally stopped schooling due to financial hardships, some could not even afford scholastic materials, and some were working to help provide food for their families.  Many children in Uganda live in mud brick huts, sleep on dirt floors, and get a meal once a day.  Some children in Uganda work from as early as 7 years old or younger to help support their family if they do not have an opportunity to go to school.

We are partnering with Our Village Community Partnership to provide school fees, school supplies and boarding for these children.  We are committed to helping these children get a good education, health checks and regular home visits to access needs and give them an opportunity to have a better life.  Some attend OVCP’s school and others attend varying boarding schools in the area.

It costs approximately $66 dollars per month to provide for the needs of each child or youth.  That is only $792 per year for a child or youth to see their dreams come true for an education.

  • $66 a month helps a child go to school for a year.
  • $132 a month helps a 2 children go to school for a year.
  • $264 a month helps 4 children go to school for a year.

The Mandate has committed to providing the funds for these children and youth to attend school from primary school through university.  Children and youth in Uganda may attend school one year and not the next because of not having the funds to do so, therefore, they may not graduate from secondary school until they are around twenty years old.  That is if they even have the opportunity to attend school.  We want them to have the opportunity to have an education and to continue it without having to sit out any school terms.

When you give to The Mandate you are giving to help support these children and youth so that they will have the opportunity to go to school and better their lives and their families lives.  During a year there are three school terms that children and youth attend making up their school year.  OVCP does an excellent job partnering with The Mandate to help make it possible for these children and youth to attend school.

The children and youth of Uganda many times have to work their childhood away to help their families survive if they are not given the opportunity to receive an education.  These children and youth have dreams and aspirations just like we do.  They want to be accountants, electricians, engineers, nurses, caterers, doctors, teachers and so many more professions.  Going to school gives them the opportunity to dream and pursue their passions that will shape their futures and open new doors for them and their country.

You can partner with The Mandate by giving a one-time gift or becoming a monthly partner.  You can also share with your friends and family the great need of educating these children and youth and encourage them to become a part of making dreams come true too.  We also ask you to pray for the children, youth and teachers that we and our partner, Our Village Community Partnership, work with on a daily basis.  Will you partner with us and give these children and youth the chance to see their dreams come true?  Become a partner today!

All donations go directly to supporting the mission of The Mandate Inc. ministries and are fully tax-deductible.

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