The Mandate has a rabbit farm with several hundred rabbits in Uganda.  We are creating awareness on the benefits of the meat and of rabbit farming for making a living among the people in the communities in the area of Uganda that we work in.  Most families only eat meat once or twice a year, usually during religious holidays.

Rabbits are an ideal solution to prevent child malnutrition in Uganda, where it is estimated that 45 percent of children under. five experience forms of malnutrition, including severe protein deficiency

The Mandate provides rabbits and training to help farmers start their own projects and work to alleviate forms of malnutrition and poverty.  We plan to train people in the community how to raise and care for rabbits and then give them one male and three females along with the hutches to raise them in.  Once they have raised their second generation of rabbits they will have meat for their family that can continue as long as they raise rabbits.

The farm also provides employment for some workers who care for and maintain the rabbits, work the gardens for feed, and make pellets for feed with our own crops.  They can also use the urine and manure from the rabbits for fertilizer for their crops.  Widows can have income growing beans, grasses, and herbs for the rabbits.  The skins can be sold or given to seamstresses in out community to use for craft making, income, and making moccasins for young children to prevent jiggers.

Your donations to The Mandate help to create and develop programs like our rabbit farm.  You can make a difference in the health of children and their families; as well as, provide badly needed income for them by donating to The Mandate.  Thank you for joining with us to change the lives of people in positive ways.

All of our programs not only impact people’s health and their quality of life but they also open doors for us to be able to share the number one thing that will impact their lives the greatest — the love of Jesus Christ for them and how they can walk with him daily.

All donations go directly to supporting the mission of The Mandate Inc. ministries and are fully tax-deductible.

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