In our village in Uganda we have around 50 widows who live off of a few dollars a week.  The only light these women have in their huts is candlelight or a small lamp.  One widow had three D-cell batteries taped together with a wire taped to one end.  In the middle of the wire was a tiny bulb (smaller than a flashlight bulb).  She could touch the loose end of the wire to the other end of the batteries and it would light up the tiny bulb.  It would only light a couple of inches of space.  The summer of 2018 with help from our friends at Celebration Church in Shreveport, LA we  installed a solar light kit in her house that now provides a light hanging from the ceiling in two rooms.

The joy that she showed to us for providing her with lights in her home was exhilarating, exciting and so much fun to experience as she flashed a huge smile, jumped up and down, shouted for joy, and gave hug after hug.

With the help of Celebration Church in Shreveport, LA we were able to install Solar Light Kits in 16 widow’s homes this past summer (2019).  At each house there was great rejoicing after the teams installed the new lights.  This is the first time any of the widows have had lights other than candles or flashlights.  There homes are no longer dark when the sun goes down and they can enjoy being able to see what they are doing in their homes at night now.  Because there floors are dirt and very uneven and there are things laying around or hanging from the rafters they could easily trip or bump into things and fall.  Because of the new lights they can now see to get around their little one or two room home.

The Mandate wants to provide more Solar Lighting Kits to the widows in the village.  Lights for their home will allow them to do some things at night and just to be able to get around without tripping over things.  If they have children it will allow the children more time to do school work.  Most of us can watch TV, do homework, work on projects, wash dishes, clean the house, take baths and a myriad of other things at night because of lights in our homes.  Imagine not having lights or only having a candle or lamp to light a small area of your home.  It would make our lives much more difficult without lights in our home.

The Mandate can get solar lighting kits in Uganda for $83 to install in a widow’s home.  The kits have two lights with long wires to attach to the solar powered battery, a solar panel with a very long cord to attach from it to the battery, on and off switches on the light cords, a phone cable that plugs into 10 different type of phones, a solar powered battery system that has plug-ins for the cords, and two USB plugs.

With your help we can install more of these small lighting systems in the homes of widows.  You can donate the full cost of a system, the cost of more than one system, or even the cost of part of a system.  Any amount will go a long way toward helping these widows and their families out.  Please donate today to bring light to a home.

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