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Eye Opening Experience

“The Mandate is a fantastic biblical focused organization. Mr. Donny Lee prepared our large mission trip group for all we would encounter. His attention to detail and experience ensured our safe travel. This trip gave our group an eye opening experience full of worship with the community, organized work along side the community,and opportunities to interact with the missionaries stationed there. I am forever grateful for the opportunity The Mandate has provided for my husband and I and our church group. We are looking forward to returning with our family in the near future.”

–Morgan Thumbutu, Celebration Church, Shreveport, LA

An Awakening! 

This trip with The Mandate and Celebration Church to Uganda, Africa was an awakening to say the least! We began with a connecting flight in Dubai with a layover that provided us enough time to take a night tour and spend the night there in Dubai. Doing this in one of the richest places in the world and less than 24 hours later being in one of the poorest places in the world really portrayed the vast contrast of how we so easily tend to live and added to the humbling experience of what we witnessed. We arrived the next day and were immediately welcomed into the community of Busowobi with countless open arms of both children and elders alike. The complete joy that was displayed on all of their faces engulfed us and was quickly found to be contagious. Joy in each of our hearts began to light up our own faces and we just fell madly in love with the community. Realization crept in that it is so easy to tend to feel empty handed although our cups are overflowing while they really are empty handed yet they’re hearts are constantly overflowing. From spending time with hundreds of children in school laughing, playing and making simple crafts to assisting the grown men work and build mud bricks and an outhouse  (providing them with much laughter as well). There is so much that I would love to try and explain, though most of which is a state of emotion and simply just cannot be described by words. This trip has been a complete renewal of my heart and mind. I am determined that the pieces of my heart that were broken and left in the hands of Busowobi have been replaced with the hopes and dreams that these children live by daily. I deeply encourage anybody that has not participated in a mission trip to pick up your cross and take that step of faith. I assure you, you will not regret it and your life will be forever changed! I will seek daily growth in love and cast my cares on those who have little.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  –Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

–Matt Chamberlain, Celebration Church, Shreveport, LA


Perspective Change 

This trip was something I had been dreaming of for a long time. Uganda was a place that my heart was set on, but little did I know the extent that this trip would teach me.  Missions is something that I love, something that I know I’m called to and it’s easy for me to find myself in love with the places I’ve been. But this trip brought a perspective change, toward what life on the mission’s field actually looks like, that I wasn’t really expecting. Getting to experience a few days in the life of local missionaries is very different than going with a team to do ministry and then basically uprooting from them. After hearing some of the struggles of living overseas I realized that devoting your life to missions is more than loving to travel, more than loving on a few children, more than giving up some of the comforts of America. I realized it’s about total surrender and often feeling totally secluded. It’s about learning how to depend fully on God to meet your needs, to be your comforter, supporter, and friend. As Momma Raelee described the loneliness that can often creep in from only having her family, while life in America seems to have not stopped or skipped a beat. Or how difficult it is to build genuine friendships with her new community. I realized that this trip was used to open my eyes and my heart to the landscaped view of missions, that it’s so much more than new foods, cultures, or comforts but it is a daily dependency on the Father, a daily reminder that I am not alone.

Sarah Persia, Celebration Church, Shreveport, LA


Celebration Church Uganda Mission Trip Summer 2018 Video


–Brandon Dodson, Celebration Church, Shreveport, LA


The Mandate Workers Were Thankful for Celebration Church Mission Team 

They felt good when the visitors came. Through their preaching about God during the evening services, the workers loved this and the words have still stuck into their minds.  They were happy that whatever they taught the visitors like brick making, the construction of the latrine, the visitors showed much interest and this made the workers know that the visitors have team work.

The workers were happy that the visitors showed them much joy, love and care.  The visitors also showed much interest in knowing more about our culture, the language and they did this through repeating what we could say, like the way we greet.  The visitors coming showed the workers that they are together with we the Africans.

Some workers felt so good when they received gifts like shoes, clothes, this made them feel so special and that they have a giving heart.  The visitors coming created togetherness or unity between the visitors and the workers in a way that there was socializing, there was no segregation that these are whites or these are Africans.

The workers wanted much so to remain with the visitors or they longed for the visitors to stay with them a little more but the days they stayed in Uganda were limited.  The workers request that if possible let the visitors continue coming and if there are to come let them come at least once in a year and the spend longer and let them also come in big numbers.  And also continue preaching the gospel.  The workers request that if possible they would also wish to go and visit them in their country so they can interact with them so that they create big bondage.

The workers felt good that even Mr Christian and Mummy Rhonda also have friends where they came from, because if they had no friendship with any one they wouldn’t have come. This further more created trust in the workers.

The workers felt good because the visitors showed much interest in our local food.  The visitors were so friendly to the workers.  The workers felt so good because the visitors were quick learners.  The visitors were so hard working

The workers are so much grateful for their coming, even if it means them visiting once a year is okay with us.  The workers request that as they come let them also come and teach them more of the American settings and traditions or how they do things.

–The Mandate Workers, Uganda


Global School Experienced Joy and Friendship from the Celebration Mission Team

What the help meant to Global School.

The students were able to benefit from the sanitary towels that were provided.  Learners also benefited in learning the educational games.  They provided cheap labor in the construction of the pit latrine and this brought about smooth running in the construction.  The builders of the latrine (local people) felt good when they got to work with the whites and there was socialization.

The Global society was able to know more about God through the preaching made.  They felt special when they were invited to interact with the visitors It brought joy into their hearts because it showed them that they were cared for like when they were given sanitary towels.

The visitors created friendship with the Global society and they would wish that friendship continues.  The visitors gave good comments to the school, like the school is good and this motivated teachers.

In conclusion, Global society appreciates Mr Christian, Mummy Rhonda and Mandate at large for introducing to them these precious people. They also thank the Almighty God who brought them, because without Him they wouldn’t have met them.

–Global School, Uganda

The Hope for Girls Training and Kits from the Celebration Mission Team Makes a Difference for the Girls in the Government School 

How they helped:  They sensitized us on the menstrual cycle.  They provided facilities for menstrual hygiene.  We made friendship.

What their help meant to us.  It meant united among us.  It brought about staying in school by students even when they are experiencing their periods.  The girls were happy to receive the products The teaching staff was also happy because they also received sanitary kits.  The visitors made us feel good, the girls felt cared for.

The school is all the more then waiting for their coming back for the second time.

–Bakaziba PLS Government School, Busowobi, Uganda



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