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Below is a recommended process and time line for a mission trip with The Mandate.  It is a recommended time line, however, it is flexible and can be changed as needed.

  • Set a date for the mission trip by contacting the Executive Director of The Mandate who will work with the Mandate missionaries and the group to set a date that is best for both parties. Preferably the dates should be set at least 7 to 8 months in advance of the trip.
  • Fill out a “Group Mission Trip Application” online at https://themandate.com and send it to The Mandate, P.O. Box 6798, Shreveport, LA 71136. [On the home page of the website click on TRIPS, then click on RESOURCES, under Trip Applications click on Uganda Group Trip Application.  You can also go to TRIPS and click on Get More Info and fill out the short APPLY form at the bottom of page to get started.]
  • A good guideline for preparing for a trip is to follow the time line below.

Six Months Out

__ Interest Meeting:  __/__/__                        Location:                     Time:

__ Publicize the trip and deadline for signing up.

__ Anyone interested in the trip who does not have their passport must make application

now.  For information on passports and fees go to:


__ Anyone interested who does not have a Yellow Fever shot must begin the process of

getting one now.

Five Months Out

__ Publicize Trip

__ Registration Deadline: Turn in Individual Trip Applications, Copy of Passports (if you

don’t have one turn it in as soon as you get one), and Deposit Payment #1 – $_______

__ Send participants the Trip Guide (Found in Resources under TRIPS online at https://themandate.com

Four Months Out

__ Mission Trip Meeting:  __/__/__               Location:                     Time:

__ Fill out Airline Passenger Information Form (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name,

Gender, Date of Birth, Age, Passport#, Nationality, Passport Expiration Date)

__ Secure Airline Tickets

__ Secure U.S. Transportation (Transportation to airport and return trip)

__ Plan ministry projects with missionaries.

__ Extra Costs:

Three Months Out

__ Work with missionaries to line up transportation in Uganda.

__ Work with missionaries to secure hotel accommodations in Entebbe, Uganda if


__ Remind participants what they owe.

__ Payment #2 – $________

__ Mission Trip Meeting: __/__/__    Location:                     Time:

__ Send Mission Team a packing check list.

__ Assign Ministry Teams:  Bible Storytellers, Construction Projects, Hope for Girl’s

Projects, Worship & Devotions, Games, Crafts, etc.

Two Months Out

__ Remind participants what they owe.

__ Final Payment #3 – $__________

__ Participants should secure Visas online from Ugandan Embassy in Washington D.C.

(Need picture of passport bio-data page, picture of Yellow Fever Certificate, picture of

recent passport picture) / pay online – $50 / Instructions are on the Mandate website,


__ Participants should get with their doctors and get a prescription for Malaria pills.

__ Purchase supplies – craft, give-a-ways, game supplies, etc.

__ Deadline for Medical Forms: __/__/__

__ Deadline for all monies to be donated to Mandate for the trip costs.  __/__/__

__ Mission Trip Meeting: __/__/__    Location:                     Time:

__ Send volunteers accommodations list (Hotel / Guest House) to missionaries

 Trip Month

__ Resend Mission Team a packing check list.

__ Send Trip Reminders list.

__ Parental Authorization Forms Deadline:  __/__/__ [Cannot be notarized no more than

30 days before the trip end date.] (Send reminder)

__ Secure Gallagher Short-term Volunteer Insurance for Team Members. __/__/__

__ Pack Ministry Crates: tools, guest house supplies, missionary’s supplies, game

supplies, magic, food, etc.

__ Make list of items in each Ministry Bag or Crate and put names and addresses of

person carrying them on the crates.

__ Participants pick up Ministry Bags or Crates: __/__/__

__ Participants should secure their travel money a couple of weeks in advance.  They

should bring only $100 bills to exchange for shillings.

__ Send updated Trip Schedule to team.

__ Set departure time to go to airport and return time for group.

__ Trip Dates:  __/__/__ to __/__/__


*All forms (Applications, Medical, Parental Authorization, Trip Guide, Check Lists, Photo Release, etc.) are on the Mandate’s website under Trip Resources at https://themandate.com



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