A New Well

We will be drilling another well in the village of Busowobi in the next few weeks.  The man that does the drilling of the well comes to survey the area and see where the best possible place is for a well to be dug. He searches for the place where there is the most water and where it is the deepest. He has a little machine that looks a lot like a car battery, and wires that go out from it on two sides. His helper walks a distance from him and he yells “Stop” and then he writes down readings from the machine. Then he yells “Ready” and two men with the wires walk further down the road with him. He yells “Stop” and takes more readings. Usually a crowd gathers, and whenever the man yells ready and they start walking, the kids yell “Stop”! It is quite funny!

Drilling a well is a fun community event that many like to watch and participate in.  The Mandate drills a new well every six months.