Mandate Uganda Rabbit Farm

Mandate Uganda has built a rabbit farm with 200-300 rabbits for breeding purposes.  Our plan is to create awareness on the benefits of the meat which has a high nutrition value.  Many people in the village of Busowobi and in surrounding villages do not have enough protein in their diets.  Because of the low cost in raising rabbits we hope to provide enough meat for the people so that they can have it weekly or even daily through raising their own or buying at a low cost from our farm.

Mandate Uganda will promote production and marketing of rabbit farming in our community.  We will train farmers on breeding, care of rabbits and hutch construction.  We will also have a “Five for Five” program where at the end of their training they receive one male and four females, and constructed hutches for them. They are to then train someone else and give five of their five rabbits offspring to them.

Mandate Uganda will establish marketing channels and eventually if needed establish processing facilities that will bring in moneys to benefit the community in the way of other projects and/or employment. (There is high demand in the capital city from hotels and restaurants for rabbit meat and low supply chain).  The rabbit farm will provide employment on our grounds for the care and maintenance of the farm, gardening for feed, and making of the pellets for feed with our own crops.

The urine and manure can be used for fertilizer and cut down costs for our farmers.  Widows can have income by growing beans, grasses, and herbs for the rabbits.  The skins can be sold or given to seamstresses in our community to use for craft making income and/or used to make moccasins for young children to prevent jiggers.