Pray for “Our Village” Interns

On June 8th two college students from different colleges, Jessica White and Olivia Smith, embarked on a two month journey to work alongside The Mandate’s partners at Our Village Community Partnership in Uganda.  A new school session has begun and Jessica and Olivia will be helping with childcare, tutoring, and other activities.  They will be serving at OVCP until July 25th.

When God works in us, we can accomplish much.

Please put Jessica and Olivia on your daily prayer list for June and July.  Pray for them to walk with God daily, to stay healthy, to be a blessing to the children they will be working with and that they will experience the love of the children and the adults they work alongside.  Separately, God impressed upon both of them that he wanted them to serve somewhere in Africa.  He put them together as a team, connected them to The Mandate and OVCP, and he is going to open their hearts to the people of Uganda as they share their love for Christ with them.