Salima is such a go-getter. There is never a time when she is not doing something. She says she does not like to be idle. On her breaks from school she either helps me out with whatever I need or she is working on the farm. She never asks or accepts pay when she has worked all day slashing or planting or whatever is needed to keep up the farm because of her gratefulness she has for the education opportunities she has been given.

She is one of the most honest people I’ve met so far and I can talk to her about anything and know she is going to tell me the truth. A problem we have here is that many times people tell us what they think we want to hear, or something that will shine a favorable light on them. It makes it very hard on us when we are trying to do projects or help people.

I can send her on errands and she will do her very best, sometimes spending all day going from place to place and negotiating prices to get the very lowest price. She has helped me so much with the Hope For Girls project.

We also help with support to her two sisters, Harria and Takia. All three of the girls are hardworking, and show their gratefulness in many ways. A lot of times people speak the words but it doesn’t show in their actions. It definitely shows in these girls. Their mother is Jenifer and these are only three of her seven children. She has raised them pretty much on her own and has given them her work ethic. That is why she is our farm manager.

We have seen such growth spiritually in Salima, her sisters and their mother. They say that Christian’s Bible study has helped them to see the truth of God’s Word and brought them closer to Jesus. I was not so sure about her going to a Muslim college but after seeing what a witness she is there I understand that is exactly what Jesus would have us all to do, not just stay in our comfortable churches, fellowship only with Christians but living our life and giving our testimony to those who do not know Jesus.

I am so thankful to have her in our lives!