“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established” Proverbs 16:3

Takia is one of our girls that we have helped in school. She struggled through secondary school (which is high school in America) and didn’t finish. We were worried what she would do next because we didn’t know if learning had been difficult for her or she just didn’t apply herself to her studies. She enrolled in seamstress/tailoring classes and really excelled – we were so impressed the first week she was there in the skills she had already learned. I believe she found something she was good at and just took off with it. She is the third born sister out of five girls with the two oldest and the youngest who really excel in school and two are in college and Midwife training. So for the two in the middle I think it has been hard for them to find their place. She definitely has found a career that I believe will take her far. She has a very good eye for design and I think needs just a little more experience with someone who has been tailoring for years to polish her skills. We are so proud of her and her achievements.

When we saw she was really applying herself in school we started supporting her monthly with the money to buy her materials. For six months she used that money to sew outfits for 95 children in Sunday School. She said she was ridiculed by other students because she didn’t just sew things for herself or to sell, but she sewed for the children in her village that she loves. She told us she made the clothes for the children because of the teachings and our example of loving others and giving as Jesus would. She is a wonderful girl, always with that beautiful smile on her face. And the joy she gave the children and us that day is indescribable!

We pray for her success and are so very blessed God has enabled The Mandate and us to help her achieve her dream of being a fashion designer. She’s on her way!